Idubina Rivas is a Salvadorian entrepreneur with a deep-rooted connection to nature and a passion for environmental sustainability. Growing up on a small farm outside the city, she witnessed firsthand the dedication and hard work of her parents, who were deeply involved in agriculture. Living in a rural town community, Rivas learned the invaluable lesson of the importance of caring for our ecosystem.
This early exposure to nature instilled in her a strong sense of environmental stewardship, inspiring her to pursue endeavors that promote sustainability and protect the environment.
Rivas founded in 2023 SOL SWIM , an e-commerce retailer that aims to revolutionize people's shopping behaviors. With SOL SWIM, she seeks to challenge conventional consumption patterns by offering swimwear that is not only stylish but also ethically sourced and sustainable. By prioritizing environmentally friendly materials and ethical production practices, Rivas hopes to inspire a shift towards conscious consumerism, where individuals can enjoy quality products while minimizing their impact on the planet.